8 tips to lose weight fast with the Mexican diet

8 tips to lose weight fast with the Mexican diet

Today we will review some GREAT tips lose weight fast with the Mexican diet, not sure if you have heard about the benefits of Mexican foods before, but it is really fantastic and must try one time. The Mexican diet is based on complex research conducted together by U.S. and Mexican scientists. Mexicans is the nation that have first place on obesity in the world. The study group was recruited from the 100 people who weighed more than 220.5 pounds. Results – rapid weight loss in a month on 20-50 pounds among 86 people.

mexican foods with your weight loss program

If you follow the Mexican diet, in which does not need to starving or torture yourself workouts, you can lose about 10 pounds in first 4 weeks, and even up to 20 pounds in the next six months.

The Mexican diet secrets:

Tip #1. Breakfast is important to start a new day!

For breakfast person should consume a healthy and nutritious foods, namely protein food products and products with whole grain and fruits. To lose weight you need to maintain the level of insulin in the blood and give your body the nutrients for the valuable work for the day. Grains containing all parts of the whole grain is called whole grain.

[sc name=”ga_midpost” ] Whole grains are:

  •  wheat – is used as the main raw material for making bread, muffins (products), pasta, khinkali and pita bread;
  •  rye – is used as the main raw material for making bread and crackers;
  •  oats;
  •  maize;
  •  brown or brown rice;
  •  emmer;
  •  millet;
  •  triticale;
  •  amaranth;
  • quinoa;
  • – buckwheat and others.
Diet Breakfast

Diet Breakfast

Breakfast options:

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– whole wheat bread and boiled egg
– half a pound of low-fat milk
– one banana

– oatmeal
– steamed vegetables
– half a pound of orange Fresh

TIP #2. To lose weight fast, should be excluded from the diet of all these drinks

You must fully and completely abandon carbonated drinks, juices from concentrates and extracts, alcoholic beverages! To lose weight fast, should be excluded from the diet of all these drinks. You can only drink about 3-4 pints of pure water per day. The secret is not only in the fact that these drinks contain a lot of sugar, but also that it is the carbon dioxide content increases the desire to consume high-calorie foods.

You do not like to drink water? Eat herbal and green teas and weak coffee. But these drinks you must drink only as an addition to the water, and not as a main drink.

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Tip #3. To lose weight fast you must eat only fish instead of meat!

You must give up fat, red and processed meat (the list also included from sausages to frankfurters, etc.).

An important component of The Mexican diet is fish (trout, herring, saury, mackerel, bonito, mackerel, salmon) and seafood containing omega-3 fatty acids, which are very healthy and that prevent heart disease.

Moreover, seafood contain a lot of iodine, which promotes active metabolism, and it just needed to losing weight and keeping it normal.

TIP # 4. You should eat only healthy food.

Eat wholegrain products rich in fiber (whole grain bread, pasta from durum wheat, sushi, brown rice), which help to lose weight and to melt abdominal fat. After two months of use of the Mexican diet, this is the amazing result:lose weight fast with the Mexican dietI’ll give you a tip – remove from your fridge harmful and junk food, semi-finished goods, canned foods, yogurt, foods high in sugar, fat, cholesterol, sodium.

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Eat low-fat dairy products to provide the body with calcium and vitamin D, and more fruits and vegetables.

TIP # 5. Stimulate your metabolism simple workouts for quick weight loss!

Good metabolism is healthy weight. Amino acids and proteins are released during normal metabolism. Eat only natural fats, use simple exercise to speed up metabolism. Eat small, frequent meals above products several times a day (fractional power)

Impossible to effectively lose weight without simple exercise. More qualitative effect of quick weight loss reached by simple training for weight loss. There is no need to torture yourself, but to allocate 30 minutes 3 times a week for exercise recommend.

TIP #6. Learn food labels!

If the label says “low fat” or “sugar-free”, this does not mean that this product can exist in any quantity. You must abandon such food. A feature of such food is a high degree of processing, and hence, they have very low nutrients. Nutrients accelerate metabolism.
Choose foods for weight loss – low-sugar and fat. Do not allow the use of mayonnaise, margarine, sauces, spices, food with preservatives and additives.
This prevents food metabolism and lowering metabolism.

lose weight fast with the Mexican diet

Do not eat fast foods!

TIP # 7. Stop eat in fast food. But WHY?

If you want to lose weight fast, you should stop eat in fast foods. About food in a hurry know everything.
Although fast food is tasty food, it should be abandoned. If you will comply with all the above tips, but continue to eat fast foods, you will never lose weight.


This is good news for fans of snacking. Of course, they should not be much. About 2-3 times a day between meals.
What to eat? Nuts, vegetables, strawberries, fruit, carrots, beets. The main thing – do not get involved.
That’s the whole diet. Its compliance assures you rapid weight loss. Nothing complicated about this diet is not. It is worth mentioning that the Mexican diet – is one form of a healthy diet for anyone who wants to lose weight effectively without harm to health. Also, this diet can be used in combination with other specified site.

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