All Women Should Watch These Fitness Motivation Videos

All Women Should Watch These Fitness Motivation Videos

What gets you pumped to workout? What gets you excited to really push yourself to the limit?

Is it a coach screaming in your ear, a friend telling you can do better with these fitness motivation videos, or an inner voice that is not satisfied with anything less than your best effort?

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It’s no secret that success in body transformation and long term health has more to do with motivation and mindset than it does anything else. Motivation is the engine which powers every accomplishment in our lives, every achievement.

Given how important motivation is for our success, we asked our expert contributors, facebook fans, twitter followers, and Youtube subscribers for their favorite workout motivation videos. We compiled a list of the top 10 videos, which you can find below.

As we all have different ideas about what gets us motivated, the videos range from big dudes lifting heavy weights with loud music, to others that are more subtle and only tangentially related to working out. But these more subtle videos may be the most motivating.

We hope a few of these ten workout motivation videos, or even just one can help you get a little more motivated to strive toward your own fitness goals, to be the best YOU can be.

This is NOT about men. This is NOT about feminism. This is about STEPPING UP your fitness participation TODAY no matter what shape or size you’re currently in right now. Don’t be embarrassed about the way you look right now or what you think how others perceive you, just start moving and you will get there.

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