19 year old girl almost died when lose weight fast

19 year old girl almost died when lose weight fast

With the desire to lose weight as quickly as possible, this girl has fasted for a week and take unpredictable consequences.

lose weight fast is not good
A girl named Elle Lietzow (19 years old) had to go through during the two-year period in the hospital to recover the body after a week of continuous fasting. Unexpectedly, her body into a state of anorexia and since then her body is no longer able to absorb and metabolism.

Then she collapsed and seizures, she was taken to the hospital immediately. Meanwhile, Elle lietzow body just skin and bones. Even her waist area to air out the pelvis. The doctor said that Elle can survive is very miraculous. During that time, she lived as a girl 12 years old and very soon be able to cure digestive disorders caused by anorexia.

lose weight fast

After two years, 19 existing Elle. She has recovered the body and overcome anorexia. Elle gradually plump body back. She must follow a strict vegetarian diet for the body to adjust gradually to the diet.

Elle also become inspiration for others, away from measures to lose weight by fasting. Rather it is to find a method of exercise, eat science.

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She took two years of treatment in hospital to recover. And now she has recovered and must follow a strict vegetarian diet.

lose weight fast

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